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ARNTELECOM - Fully Integrated and Redundant Wholesale and Retail VoIP Switch

Our association, ARNTELECOM, continually tries difficult to give particular answers for the business areas for in fact progressed Softswitch. This softswitch is perfect to give a media server capacity to administration declarations, interior information transfers, gathering or multi-way brings and voice over web convention calls alongside help with charging, call directing, flagging and different obstructions. Our offered Softswitch is not confined to any specific class of philosophy that helps our firm to give customer particular arrangements.

What is Softswitch?

The gave Softswitch is essentially a product based gadget perfect with different sorts of information transfers system to give a proficient portal to voice and information activity alongside telephone calls. Notwithstanding this, our offered Softswitch is intended to deal with the electronic client interfaces that thus helps for getting propelled checking and framework administration applications.

Why Softswitch over IMS based networks?

Arntelecom offers the most reliable and effective gateway to make the telephone calls using Internet whilst controlling the connection between circuit-switched and packet-switched network for hassle-free call routing, signaling and other applications.

Next Generation Telephony Systems and Services

Arntelecom is an Arntelecomfor Wholesale/Retail Carriers including all necessary hardware and software for Switching, Routing and Billing of VoIP and/or TDM calls. Carrier is not required to have any additional hardware, the only requirement is to have a web browser to perform system management.

Features of our Softswitch:

  • Versatile all-in-one platform for seamlessly integration
  • Compatible with a wide range of VoIP services
  • Offers customizable and scalable solution
  • Designed for operating through a central web user-interface
  • ost-effective and exceptionally simple to deploy
VoIP Server Rent

Cloud-based Hosted VoIP Softswitch

General Features

General Features

  • H.323 & SIP protocol
  • User-friendly web interface for provisioning, monitoring & billing
  • Web panel for agents & sub-agents
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Redundant network elements in hot-standby mode
  • Redundant power supply with multiple power links
  • Unlimited internet bandwidth with multiple redundant links
  • Interoperability with all major vendors (Cisco, NexTone, Sonus, Quintum, Audiocodes, Asterisk, etc.)
  • Thorough testing has been done with all major vendors of the industry
  • Maximized profit with intelligent routing
  • Flexible routing with various scenarios to attain maximized-profit routing
  • SIP / H.323 interworking function (protocol conversion)
  • 24x7 support and free updates of future releases and modules
Call Routing

Call Routing

  • Multiple routes can be configured for a particular customer or for a particular customer. If a call fails on the first carrier, it is immediately re-attempted on second and third and so on, till the call becomes successful.
  • If multiple carriers are configured for a destination, call will be first attempted on the cheapest carrier, and when that carrier is completely choked or fails valid-numbered calls, then that call will be re-attempted on the second cheapest carrier and so on.
  • A customer can be strictly routed to a single carrier only, instead of following the normal LCR.
  • A customer’s traffic can be routed on different carriers instead of following LCR.
  • Multiple LCRs can be configured for a single destination (white pak, premium pak, grey pak, etc)
Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

  • 250 calls $2,000 per month ($8.0 / port)
  • 500 calls $4,000 per month ($8.0 / port)
  • 1000 calls $7,000 per month ($7.0 / port)
  • 1500 calls $9,750 per month ($6.5 / port)
  • 2000 calls $12,000 per month ($6.0 / port)
  • 3000 calls $16,500 per month ($5.5 / port)
  • 4000 calls $20,000 per month ($5.0 / port)
  • 5000+ calls $4.5 / port
  • $500 fixed per month
  • 0 – 0.5 million minutes per month $0.002 / min.
  • 0.5 – 1 million minutes per month $0.0015 / min.
  • 1 – 2 million minutes per month $0.0012 / min.
  • 2 – 4 million minutes per month $0.001 / min.
  • 4+ million minutes per month $0.0008 / min.
Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Prepaid & post-paid billing
  • Customer accounts can be prepaid (account blocked automatically when the balance expires) or can be postpaid (unlimited funds)
  • Real-time balance update
  • Web panel-based account access to sub-agents
  • Each customer can be granted an access profile to login into the account and view stats and CDRs.
Billing & Invoice

Billing & Invoice

  • Prepaid & post-paid billing
  • Customer accounts can be prepaid (account blocked automatically when the balance expires) or can be postpaid (unlimited funds)
  • Real-time balance update
  • Web panel-based account access to sub-agents
  • Each customer can be granted an access profile to login into the account and view stats and CDRs.
Retail Features

Retail Features

  • User authentication (based on user id & password)
  • Source authentication (based on CLI / ANIS)
  • Pin no. authentication (pins generated for calling cards) – can be created in batches

Hosted Softswitch

ARNTELECOM Systems provides its softswitch ‘iTel Switch Plus’ on a hosted basis with a monthly payment option. Hosted offerings are ideal for small and medium size IP telephony platform (voice over IP) providers and are equally beneficial for carrier grade VoIP service providers who don't want to take the hassle of maintaining and monitoring the softswitch.

Hosted iTel Switch Plus is integrated with ARNTELECOM's high performance billing solution ‘iTel Billing’, which is perfect for both retail (calling card, call shop, PC to phone, mobile dialer etc.) and wholesale business models. VoIP service providers now do not need to invest in a billing solution separately as hosted switch & billing are integrated.

Users may operate their softswitch & billing platform from their mobile phones using a data network.

VoIP Soft Switch

Benefits of Hosted Services:

Monthly Payment Options: Pay monthly rental and get rid of the need for upfront capital investment. You can pick hosted iTel Switch Plus for as low as 290$/month, and also get the freedom to focus on your business while we manage your hardware and softswitch.

Quick Start your VoIP business: Quick start your VoIP business with our hosted VoIP solutions. iTel Switch Plus allows you to get a quick service set-up ready to business within a short period of time.

24x7 Managed Services: Your hosted softswitch is managed and hosted by us on our servers, which means you can concentrate on your business without any worry.

Complete Suite of VoIP Services in One IP Telephony Platform: Unlike other softswitch available in the market, hosted iTel Switch Plus comes integrated with the VoIP billing system. So you do not need to install and configure the billing software on your own. It is a complete hosted switch & billing solution. 



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